2019 Projects

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Winchester District Hospital  Foundation - $7,600 - Requested & Received.

To fund 50% of the cost of a transportable patient lift. The hospital is currently without this type of lift, as the old one was no longer safe to be used. 


2nd Place

Iroquois & Morrisburg Waterfront Advisory Committees -

$5,000 Requested - $3,300 Received.

To purchase and install two Vandal Resistant Water Bottle Filling Station/Fountains at  Iroquois Beach &  Morrisburg Splash Pad.




Timothy Christian School - $8,000  

To build a sheltered & shaded outdoor space, such as a gazebo, that will be

usable in many ways. It will be used as a place to play during recess and as a gathering area for outdoor classroom time.

Dundas County Hospice - $10,000
To fund a pilot project for a period of one year to upgrade our grief and bereavement program to better meet the needs of our communities.
Foodshare - $10,000
To purchase a van that will expedite shipments of food between our hubs in Morrisburg and Winchester, and from them to our satellite locations in Finch and Crysler.
Community Living Dundas County - $4,000
To strengthen the Parent Reaching Out (PRO) network of families & friends of children & adults with an intellectual disability.  To bring  resources to assist them in their pursuit of caring for their loved ones..
South Dundas Historical Society - $10,000

Water infiltration, temperature control and humidity issues are of concern for

the Forward House. The requested funds will go towards the installation of a flexible, sustainable central heating system and dehumidifiers to preserve and protect the building going forward.

We believe that we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful and caring community! Community based charitable projects add immensely to our quality of life.

If you would like your charitable project to be considered for next year's event, or if you hear of a community initiative that you believe deserves our support, please contact:

 Chuck Irvine                      613-720-2594   ... OR

 Jim Millard                        613-652-4568


See below for example applications from last year.

Our 2018 Projects

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Morrisburg Public School ($10,000)

We are applying for funds to provide the students with exceptional arts and science opportunities.

We would like to use a dance company to come and teach modern dances to each of the classes. After 3 formal days of lessons and practicing in their classes, we will invite the community and parents to an extraordinary evening.

We would like to hire a special music instructor who has helped us in the past teach some difficult curriculum and support us in supporting our students perform as a choir and in solos and duets at the Kinsmen Music festival. 

We would also like to hire a professional artist who will teach students through a series of guided lessons how to create a specialized art piece. We would have an art show and invite parents and community members in to see our creations. 

Chesterville and District Agricultural Society ($7,000)

To build an outdoor show ring 100 ft by 200 ft. 

Chesterville & District Agricultural Society role is to be a community organization mandated with preserving and celebrating the rural way of life in Ontario. It is our hope, that with your help this ring will become a hub of activity throughout the year, being used by our equestrian and cattle community in SD&G for shows, practicing and training events.

Seaway District High School ($10,000) - WINNER

Our Learning Commons Room (also known as the School Library) is in immediate need of updating. It is an underutilized space which has the potential to be an area where our students could find the resources they would need such as current books, reading subscriptions, technology and a user friendly layout with up to date furniture and collaborative working areas.

We are a small school in a rural area and many courses are offered to high school students online. Unfortunately our students currently do not have adequate options for a suitable space to access technology and learning resources within the school. School libraries are a place for teaching and learning and right now ours is doing neither to its full potential. We know it is important for our library to have the ability to play a vital role in the educational success of our students. We want it to be a place where students can connect with ideas, information and each other. We know it is of upmost importance to provide the resources our students need to succeed during their high school years.

Iroquois Waterfront Committee ($5,000)

Next year, 2019, will be the 60th anniversary of the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Because this event literally destroyed the Village, its residents were severed from their pre-inundation landscape and its social milieu. The living memory of the ‘old’ Village of Iroquois is fading.

In addition to its mandate to advise the Municipality of South Dundas on the recreational infrastructure of the shoreline between the marina and the golf course, the Iroquois Waterfront Committee is focused on the acknowledgement of the history of the Village, and the preservation of pre-inundation landmarks.

To convey – to residents and visitors alike – the location and appearance of the pre-destruction environment, the Committee has chosen to sponsor the installation of 10 displays showing key geographical and architectural elements.

These displays will be based on the model recently installed by the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee.

South Dundas Soccer  ($7,500)

South Dundas Soccer is the largest youth sport organization in South Dundas with over 425 players aged 4 to 18 and has been in operation for 23 years. As part of our ongoing equipment upgrade program, we propose to replace two sets of the soccer goals. To replace these with commercial items we are looking at $5,000-8,000 per pair. South Dundas Soccer will be partnering with Seaway District High School's construction trades program. These goals will be placed on fields owned by the Municipality of South Dundas.

The new goals will enable the club to continue offering youth soccer. The fields are used for soccer games by neighbouring schools, and by youth in the community for pick up games. 

House Of Lazarus ($5,000)

House of Lazarus’ Neighbours Helping Neighbours program encompasses a variety of projects/ activities that help maintain stability in the lives of those in need. This program aims to help with basic needs including transportation, food security and housing stability. Handyman Heroes is one of our Neighbours

Helping Neighbours projects.

Our Handyman Heroes Project is a grassroots project whereby local licensed tradespeople volunteer their time to help at-risk families by improving their living environments or their transportation needs. The project matches local tradespeople with families in need of urgent housing or vehicle repairs. 

Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG ($10,000)

Leaders 4 Life is an innovative leadership program that focuses on engaging youth in our community to learn different skills essential to becoming a leader in their school, community, or workplace. The skills discussed throughout the program are; communication skills (i.e. social skills, professional skills, listening skills, and professional skills), decision making skills, conflict resolution skills, and general leadership skills.

Leaders 4 Life also aids with resume building, and the opportunity to earn community service hours needed to obtain their high school diploma. Participants in this program are expected to attend one two-hour session weekly, for a period of 10-weeks. After they complete the 10-week program they will then be expected to complete a minimum of 5 hours of volunteer work in their community. Based on their participation in this program, a youth can earn up to 25 community service hours. We would be looking to partner and deliver the programs at Seaway District High School in Iroquois. 

 Wheels of Hope ($5,000) - WINNER

The stress of a cancer diagnosis and the life upheaval it brings, is already enough. We have found that one fifth of these patients have an added pressure of sourcing ways to get to and from their treatments that could continue for years. For these patients and their families, this service is quite literally, a lifeline. Over the years, our program has been affectionately dubbed Wheels of Hope. 

The need for Wheels of Hope continues to grow. In fact, the SDG & Prescott unit sees dozens of new clients each month. On any given work day, we have half a dozen volunteer drivers on the road providing rides daily to patients from our region who need to travel to treatment. The average cost in SDG & Prescott Russell for transporting a patient to one treatment is $67.00. Typically, treatment will last seven weeks, requiring a minimum of 14 trips to treatment at a cost of $938.00 for the rides alone. We are proud to say that, annually we drive thousands of kilometers at NO COST (other than a registration fee), to our cancer patients and their escorts for these vital trips. 

The Anglican Parish Of South Dundas ($6,000)

After doing several community consultations with the wider community around Morrisburg we discovered that there is a need for programming and support for kids who come from low income families. After speaking with teachers in the area, we were told that programming in music and theatre needs all the support it can get, and it is an accessible door through which kids can make new friends,

discover new skills, and boost their self esteem and confidence.

Our parish is putting together a new music program that would allow for free music and theatre lessons for kids from low income families in the area. We have a professional teacher, and community support, to come in and run the program. What we need is proper financial support to fund a three year program development and implementation, as well as provide appropriate instruments.

Morrisburg Waterfront Advisory Committee ($5,000)

We installed the “Morrisburg Then & Now” sign to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the St Lawrence Seaway Inundation Day.  It presents a merged map of Morrisburg as it was in 1954 before the flooding and the Google Earth satellite image from today. Public reaction has been excellent. The major comments have been the need for pictures of what the old town of Morrisburg looked like. There is an important need to present historical signs on the Morrisburg Waterfront Path to provide pictures and information for people walking the beautiful path between the Morrisburg Dock and the Beach.

Community Food Share ($9,000)

In 2015, the Township of South Dundas offered to make new office space available to Community Food Share to replace the decrepit building we were located in at that time. Moving to the new location increased our square foot space by 44%. It includes a larger waiting/intake area for clients, and a much more spacious kitchen area as well as accessible washroom and doors.

The total cost for the renovations was on budget and came to $45,270. Township Council agreed to finance these costs through a no-interest loan over a five-year period. To date we have made three payments for a total of $27,162. That leaves us with a balance owing of $18,108. 

100 Men of South Dundas can help us by covering the cost of this year’s loan payment with a donation of $9,000.

Dundas County Archive ($10,000)

The Dundas County Archives is jointly supported by the Municipalities of North and South Dundas. It is located on College Street, Iroquois. The archives are mandated to collect, preserve and make available for researchers records of both North and South Dundas. 

It has become evident that we are at risk of losing some of our print heritage. Many of the local newspapers are in a desperate state of deterioration. Our hope is to be able to digitize the old newspapers before they end up crumbling into dust. We would like to be able digitize these valuable resources. These newspapers would be scanned professionally, then digitized and uploaded onto a searchable web site. By allowing for digital access to these documents, the original newspapers can be safely stored in the archives and preserved for future generations.