Maybe you are a busy person and don't have time to get friends and relatives to sign pledge sheets. and/or run the 5K - not that there's anything wrong with that!

Maybe you really admire the involvement of others with one of the many wonderful projects or charitable organizations in our municipality, but just don't see how you can make the time.

Sure, you contribute to many good causes.  $5 here, $20 there, a ticket bought to support a draw or a cheque to this, that and the other. And we encourage you to continue doing that. Don't stop!


But becoming part of 100 Men of South Dundas is an easy and fun way to be a part of something good.  

  • ONE hundred minutes - ok, maybe two hours for the event!
  • ONE cheque for ONE hundred dollars X 100 = $10,000, 100% of which goes to benefit a great local cause!


You must agree that your cheque will be given to the organization that wins the members vote, even if it is not the one that you were rooting for!  Yours may win next year.  A group that wins first prize this year may not reapply for one year to give everyone a chance! If that group has a new project,  however, they are welcome to reapply.

This began because we thought it would be easy, fun and impactful. We liked the idea that people wouldn't have to ask folks for pledges, run 5K or anything else that is a lot of time and effort. We also liked the idea that it would benefit people in our area - though we all certainly support charities that benefit Africa, Haiti etc.


Anyone can nominate a project. It has to be a certified charity or a project with the capability to work through the municipality so that donors receive tax receipts.  The person who nominates is asked to provide information for the website.  Members are expected to read through information about the projects before the meeting. 


At the meeting all members will get a ballot. You circle the project of your choice. Votes are counted and the winner is announced. All members have agreed to support the winning group. The recipient of your cheque will be filled in after the votes are in and the dust has settled. The organization that receives the cheque provides the tax receipts. 


Another reason this idea appealed to us is that $10,000 is a significant chunk of money so the group can do something significant with it.  


At the next year's meeting, the previous winner will report on what they did with the money.